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Apr. 9th, 2012 09:59 am
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Wow I am so behind on LJ it's not even funny.

So I went to SakuraCon (anime con in Seattle) this weekend so I'm like 5 days behind on everything because of getting ready and just being there. I have to say, this was probably the best one I've been to yet. We were so busy too! We didn't get to attend any panels, but there weren't really any good panels this year, cept we should have gone to Zap Brannigan's panel XD

So Tabs, my friend Lara and I were a group who went around together this year. I was Roxy Lalonde from Homestuck day 0, then also until about 4pm on Friday, then I changed into my god tier Aradia costume, complete with wings. Lara was WV, and after 4, Tabs took my Roxy costume for the photoshoot. Saturday, we were an Assassin's Creed group: I was Altair, Tabs was Malik, and Lara was a Templar/Maria Thorpe. I had an apple of eden and omg it was the best cosplay prop ever. A bunch of people asked to take closeup shots of it, and also complimented us on the fabric choices for our cosplays (we made the whole things ourselves). Sunday Lara decided to go to easter brunch with her family (because they have lots of wine!) and I went to the con to dork around as Roxy, and Tabs was Shaun from AC2.

I think the reason we had so much fun was everyone was so chill and fun, and we met a group of AC2 multiplayer cosplayers that were just insanely awesome. We were walking in the exhibition hall Friday, and I pointed at a guy and said "Prowler!" and he was so excited that I recognized who he was cosplaying XD We bummed around with him a few times, then met the rest of the group the next day and went around with them and had drinks and such. They were all very cool and we're all thinking about doing a group cosplay for PAX or SakuraCon 2013.

I think my favorite cosplay was probably the simplest one. There were some gorgeous elaborate ones, but my favorite has to go to the blind girl who was cosplaying Terezi. She was utterly fabulous and was telling people how excited she was that there was a character she could cosplay that was just like her. It wasn't just that, she actually had a perfect damn outfit, hair, horns and prop of a scalemate with a noose. She was also eating chalk which made me die laughing. And she had the most amazing smile ever.

Okay going to end this wordy post with how glad I am we met some awesome people and had such a fun time. Tons of people took our pictures, but I have yet to find group shots of us as the AC trio :( Time to go digging for more today!
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