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Birthdate:May 6
Location:Seattle, Washington, United States of America

“ Well hello there... „
I'm Elise and welcome to my bio on LJ. Please, make yourself at home amid the clutter. I'm a pretty optimistic person and I try to write what I'm thinking into my lj, and most of it ends up being fandom stuff. I love anime and gaming along with my college major, graphic arts. I love J-Rock/Pop and would love to go to many concerts in Japan someday ^_^ I also have a tendency to lean toward the weird and unique things in life.
I tend to fangirl/blabber over any smattering of things I like on my lj quite often. These things include anything listed below in my fandom favorites or in my interests.
Please don't get mad if I don't friend you back. I'm rather lazy about it and most of the time don't notice when someone does it *shrugs* ^^; If you add me, update quite often so I can get to know you, have SIMILAR INTERESTS, and post images or image quizzes with lj-cut, then I'm cool and usually add people back ^_^ I just want to give everyone a fair warning so they don't think I hate them just because I won't add them back ^^ And well, half the time I just dont know >>;

Thanks to anyone who reads this or not. ^__^

My Favs:

English Music: Incubus | Robbie Williams | Staind | Static-x | Linkin Park | Green Day | Disturbed | Kenna | 30 Seconds to Mars | Frank Sinatra
Asian Music: TVXQ | JYJ | w-inds. | Ayumi Hamasaki | Miura Daichi | Namie Amuro | Hyde | Gackt | Koda Kumi | oneokrock | Big Bang | m-flo | SNSD
Games: Final Fantasy Series | Assassin's Creed | Kingdom Hearts Series | Silent Hill Series | Legend of Zelda | Onimusha
Anime: Ouran Host Club | Azumanga Daioh | Rurouni Kenshin OVA | FMA | Fruits Basket | BLEACH | Naruto | Prince of Tennis | Kuroshitsuji
Manga: Fruits Basket | MARS | DNAngel | Kodocha | Naruto | BLEACH | FMA | Prince of Tennis | Rurouni Kenshin | D.Gray-Man | Kuroshitsuji
Animation/Cartoons: Venture Bros. | Robot Chicken | Invader Zim | ReBoot | Futurama | Animaniacs | Family Guy
TV: CSI: Las Vegas | GhostHunters | Mythbusters | Stargate: SG-1 | No Reservations | Modern Marvels
Movies: Moulin Rouge | Stargate | Hackers | Princess Bride | Fight Club | Willow | Swordfish | Office Space | LotR | Pirates of the Carribean | Equilibrium | WALL-E | Star Wars
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Creative minds are seldom organized. Wouldn't perfection be a bore?

Interests (147):

30 seconds to mars, advent children, anime, ayumi hamasaki, beauty, big bang, bishounen, bl manga, bleach, boots, boys love, bruce campbell, buckets, chiba ryohei, clothing design, comics, conan o'brien, cosplay, crosses, csi, d.gray-man, dave strider, diabolos, dionaea, dong bang shin ki, doujinshi, drawing, eggrolls, epik high, evil dead, ewan mcgregor, fanfiction, fantasy, ff7, ff8, ffx, final fantasy, foxtrot, fruits basket, fullmetal alchemist, gackt, garbage, ghost hunters, gir, glitter, goffick, graphic design, graphics, green day, haruno sakura, hayden christensen, hello kitty, him, homestuck, hyde, i love the 80s, i'm a pc, ichigo kurosaki, incubus, individuality, invader zim, j-pop, j-rock, jack o'neill, jaekitty, japan, japanese, jhonen vasquez, jyj, kana, kanji, kingdom hearts, koda kumi, l'arc~en~ciel, leather, live concerts, lotr, malice mizer, manga, marié digby, mars, megatokyo, mercedes lackey, monkey majik, moon, moonchild, moulin rouge, musicals, namie amuro, naruto, nature boy, nihongo, north dakota, ogata ryuichi, photoshop, ps2, puns, ramen, ravex, real life comics, rebirth, reboot, robbie williams, robot chicken, rpg, rurouni kenshin, sakuracon, samurai, seattle, seifer, sewing, shiny objects, shounen ai, silver, spring, squall, staind, star wars, stargate, static-x, subs, tachibana keita, takeshi kaneshiro, tamora pierce, tarot, tenipuri, terezi, thunder storms, tohoshinki, tokyo, tree of life, tvxq, unique, uzumaki naruto, vampires, venture bros., video games, vinyl, w-inds., wallpapers, winamp, writing, xd, yaoi, zim, 東方神起, 동방신기
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