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So last night was fun, and not so fun, all in one!

Heard that a coworker was super sick (we're calling her Patient Zero because she seems to have infected multiple people) and had a tickle in my throat, so before I went out in the morning, I made sure I had losenges just in case. They came in handy!

I ran around town picking up things here and there. Mostly small things to finish off some Homestuck cosplays I'm planning for Sakuracon. I finally found a decent tutorial for the troll God Tier wings so I got fabric for that, some fabric paint, and then a Roxy wig. After I got home I had summat to eat and then [livejournal.com profile] shinigamitabris and I left for the John Green signing event in Bothell.

The event was super fun! I knew as soon as I started sipping on my tea though, that I was getting sick. We had to wait outside in a line for about half an hour I think before they let us in. The event was about 1.5-2 hours, and then we had to wait for our group to be called for the signing. We were group M, so we had a while to wait. The event itself was great. I actually forgot I wasn't feeling the greatest since John and Hank were so fun and funny. I was worried tabs wouldn't like Hank's songs, but she really seemed to enjoy the whole thing :D I really liked John's speaking and the things he talked about too :)

After it ended, we waited. Thank god the place we were at had food vendors just waiting for the lines. I got some waffle fries, which were really tasty, but then my body was like U NOT FEELIN GOOD REMEMBER? and I realized I was getting worse and had to find a quiet place to call out from work. By the time they called M, I was just so tired. We got in line and when we got to the front, John was being goofy as always, and recognized someone from tumblr and said to Hank "it's so and so from the internet" and I love hearing that kind of thing XD When he took my books, I asked him to write that I was made of awesome, but I was clearly too quiet, because he answered as if I told him he was made of awesome, and said that I was too, which makes up for it XD Then I had Hank hanklerfish my copy of TFIOS and we headed home.

It's really a good thing I called out because I didn't wake up til like ...actually, the first time I remember a set time on the clock was 11. I think I woke up randomly at 8am too. I kind of drifted in and out of consciousness this afternoon til about 5 when I started feeling better. I actually just finished a huge bowl of soup, so I'm happy about that :D

I really want to play some Silent Hill, but I don't want really weird nyquil induced dreams tonight >__>;

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