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So I had the most loltastic dream this morning. I'll just write about the end, because the middle was boring and all I did was basically try to find Looking for Alaska for a jaded teen who won't read anything unless its 'good.'

Let's carry on.

In my dream, I think the group of us who had been in LA sans [livejournal.com profile] readyforever and Chelsea. So we were traipsing around a city, I'm going to say LA but totally different looking area, so probably a construct of LA in my mind. We hear about a party that Yunho's doing for his birthday and for some reason, anyone can get in if they're dressed nice. So we all, as a joke, get little black strappy dresses and go to this party thing and get in. Well, we find out people can come in dressed nice in jeans too so, whatever.

We get there halfway through the party and just sit down in chairs they have set up, because I suppose Yunho's cool with totally sharing his birthday with fans. He's like that. But for some reason Tabs and Twinnie keep talking really loud, and I think its rude, so I bop them with some program we were given and Tabs gets super mad at me til I point out that NO ONE ELSE IS TALKING (which is weird because she'd never do that irl). So we all whisper super quiet from that point on.

And then Yunho decides to sing. And walk through the 'audience.' This seems dumb at first, but clearly everyone has been mentally screened because they all stay sitting and don't grab him. Tabs and I are gigglefitting because, well, we love Yunho, but we show it through making fun of him. Really, we do love him! But we were impressed because Yunho sang a really lovely song, LOW. Not that nasally crap he tends to do. It sounded very nice in my dream. Impressive, brain. Anyway, apparently Yunho thinks we're like shy!giggling, so he comes over. I have my legs up on the chair in front of me and he thinks it'll be hilarious if it touches my leg and then sweeps off. And I'm like LOL YOUR OPPAR TOUCHED MY LEG and we all sort of lose it.

He comes over after the end of the song and is like, oh you think you're funny, you know, in a fun joking manner. And I don't know what banter was exchanged, but he suggested that he should have touched my leg more sensually and actually rests his entire hand on my leg. Me, being nonchalant about Yunho to begin with, just grab his face and kiss him, to imply that 'lol you didn't go far enough at all!' After the kiss, he kinda grins to himself and walks off. And all I can think is LULZ ELISE JUST KISSED YOUR OPPAR. WATCHU GONNA DO ABOUT IT???? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Anyway, I woke up laughing after that and had to share. Comments? Crits? Should I make it into a Mary-Sue fic? If so, whose name should I use? Or do I do second person POV? YOU DECIDE!!!!
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