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Apr. 9th, 2012 09:59 am
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Wow I am so behind on LJ it's not even funny.

So I went to SakuraCon (anime con in Seattle) this weekend so I'm like 5 days behind on everything because of getting ready and just being there. I have to say, this was probably the best one I've been to yet. We were so busy too! We didn't get to attend any panels, but there weren't really any good panels this year, cept we should have gone to Zap Brannigan's panel XD

So Tabs, my friend Lara and I were a group who went around together this year. I was Roxy Lalonde from Homestuck day 0, then also until about 4pm on Friday, then I changed into my god tier Aradia costume, complete with wings. Lara was WV, and after 4, Tabs took my Roxy costume for the photoshoot. Saturday, we were an Assassin's Creed group: I was Altair, Tabs was Malik, and Lara was a Templar/Maria Thorpe. I had an apple of eden and omg it was the best cosplay prop ever. A bunch of people asked to take closeup shots of it, and also complimented us on the fabric choices for our cosplays (we made the whole things ourselves). Sunday Lara decided to go to easter brunch with her family (because they have lots of wine!) and I went to the con to dork around as Roxy, and Tabs was Shaun from AC2.

I think the reason we had so much fun was everyone was so chill and fun, and we met a group of AC2 multiplayer cosplayers that were just insanely awesome. We were walking in the exhibition hall Friday, and I pointed at a guy and said "Prowler!" and he was so excited that I recognized who he was cosplaying XD We bummed around with him a few times, then met the rest of the group the next day and went around with them and had drinks and such. They were all very cool and we're all thinking about doing a group cosplay for PAX or SakuraCon 2013.

I think my favorite cosplay was probably the simplest one. There were some gorgeous elaborate ones, but my favorite has to go to the blind girl who was cosplaying Terezi. She was utterly fabulous and was telling people how excited she was that there was a character she could cosplay that was just like her. It wasn't just that, she actually had a perfect damn outfit, hair, horns and prop of a scalemate with a noose. She was also eating chalk which made me die laughing. And she had the most amazing smile ever.

Okay going to end this wordy post with how glad I am we met some awesome people and had such a fun time. Tons of people took our pictures, but I have yet to find group shots of us as the AC trio :( Time to go digging for more today!
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So last night was fun, and not so fun, all in one!

Heard that a coworker was super sick (we're calling her Patient Zero because she seems to have infected multiple people) and had a tickle in my throat, so before I went out in the morning, I made sure I had losenges just in case. They came in handy!

I ran around town picking up things here and there. Mostly small things to finish off some Homestuck cosplays I'm planning for Sakuracon. I finally found a decent tutorial for the troll God Tier wings so I got fabric for that, some fabric paint, and then a Roxy wig. After I got home I had summat to eat and then [livejournal.com profile] shinigamitabris and I left for the John Green signing event in Bothell.

The event was super fun! I knew as soon as I started sipping on my tea though, that I was getting sick. We had to wait outside in a line for about half an hour I think before they let us in. The event was about 1.5-2 hours, and then we had to wait for our group to be called for the signing. We were group M, so we had a while to wait. The event itself was great. I actually forgot I wasn't feeling the greatest since John and Hank were so fun and funny. I was worried tabs wouldn't like Hank's songs, but she really seemed to enjoy the whole thing :D I really liked John's speaking and the things he talked about too :)

After it ended, we waited. Thank god the place we were at had food vendors just waiting for the lines. I got some waffle fries, which were really tasty, but then my body was like U NOT FEELIN GOOD REMEMBER? and I realized I was getting worse and had to find a quiet place to call out from work. By the time they called M, I was just so tired. We got in line and when we got to the front, John was being goofy as always, and recognized someone from tumblr and said to Hank "it's so and so from the internet" and I love hearing that kind of thing XD When he took my books, I asked him to write that I was made of awesome, but I was clearly too quiet, because he answered as if I told him he was made of awesome, and said that I was too, which makes up for it XD Then I had Hank hanklerfish my copy of TFIOS and we headed home.

It's really a good thing I called out because I didn't wake up til like ...actually, the first time I remember a set time on the clock was 11. I think I woke up randomly at 8am too. I kind of drifted in and out of consciousness this afternoon til about 5 when I started feeling better. I actually just finished a huge bowl of soup, so I'm happy about that :D

I really want to play some Silent Hill, but I don't want really weird nyquil induced dreams tonight >__>;
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So I had the most loltastic dream this morning. I'll just write about the end, because the middle was boring and all I did was basically try to find Looking for Alaska for a jaded teen who won't read anything unless its 'good.'

Let's carry on.

In my dream, I think the group of us who had been in LA sans [livejournal.com profile] readyforever and Chelsea. So we were traipsing around a city, I'm going to say LA but totally different looking area, so probably a construct of LA in my mind. We hear about a party that Yunho's doing for his birthday and for some reason, anyone can get in if they're dressed nice. So we all, as a joke, get little black strappy dresses and go to this party thing and get in. Well, we find out people can come in dressed nice in jeans too so, whatever.

We get there halfway through the party and just sit down in chairs they have set up, because I suppose Yunho's cool with totally sharing his birthday with fans. He's like that. But for some reason Tabs and Twinnie keep talking really loud, and I think its rude, so I bop them with some program we were given and Tabs gets super mad at me til I point out that NO ONE ELSE IS TALKING (which is weird because she'd never do that irl). So we all whisper super quiet from that point on.

And then Yunho decides to sing. And walk through the 'audience.' This seems dumb at first, but clearly everyone has been mentally screened because they all stay sitting and don't grab him. Tabs and I are gigglefitting because, well, we love Yunho, but we show it through making fun of him. Really, we do love him! But we were impressed because Yunho sang a really lovely song, LOW. Not that nasally crap he tends to do. It sounded very nice in my dream. Impressive, brain. Anyway, apparently Yunho thinks we're like shy!giggling, so he comes over. I have my legs up on the chair in front of me and he thinks it'll be hilarious if it touches my leg and then sweeps off. And I'm like LOL YOUR OPPAR TOUCHED MY LEG and we all sort of lose it.

He comes over after the end of the song and is like, oh you think you're funny, you know, in a fun joking manner. And I don't know what banter was exchanged, but he suggested that he should have touched my leg more sensually and actually rests his entire hand on my leg. Me, being nonchalant about Yunho to begin with, just grab his face and kiss him, to imply that 'lol you didn't go far enough at all!' After the kiss, he kinda grins to himself and walks off. And all I can think is LULZ ELISE JUST KISSED YOUR OPPAR. WATCHU GONNA DO ABOUT IT???? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Anyway, I woke up laughing after that and had to share. Comments? Crits? Should I make it into a Mary-Sue fic? If so, whose name should I use? Or do I do second person POV? YOU DECIDE!!!!
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Over the recent hullabaloo with the lj practices, I made a dw for kicks and had fun screwing with the colors. Please tell me if you had be friended on lj and what your username was if it's different and you're friending me :D

Since my last update, I have done a lot of things!

Assassin's Creed! I've beaten all 4 games, and the DLCs. Still not interested in the multiplayer though. I made a very annoyed rant on tumblr about how the newest game disappointed me. I don't want to spoil you flist, if you are going to play it, but let's just say there really was no last boss. And I feel they wasted money on the multiplayer instead of the storyline of the single player campaign.

We have a cat! )

I started reading Homestuck. As if you couldn't tell from my halloween post. Oh gog no, she's reading Homestuck. Whatever. If you don't like Homestuck, I really don't mind :) Tabs isn't into it, but she loves the music, and so do I. I started reading it on a whim to be honest. I kept seeing people cosplaying it and tried reading it once and was like, 'this is crap' and went to do something else. I think I then saw friends on tumblr reblogging stuff and gave it another try. I have to be honest and say I'm really impressed by the depth of the storyline and how complicated it gets with the time travel aspect mixed with the scratch's multiple universes. I was also impressed by how well each character has their own way of speaking and flaws. I really liked that they stayed true to their own character. Gonna stay with this one for a while, because I enjoy laughing at people who take it way too seriously. I also like that the creator Hussie takes making it seriously, but doesn't take himself or his fans seriously. Makes for an interesting mix :)

sorry about that big swath of characters. tl;dr i like homestuck.

Thanksgiving was fun! Spent the night at [livejournal.com profile] vanillaklise's place then [livejournal.com profile] shinigamitabris joined us for Thanksgiving which was awesome. We did puzzles and had turkey and played some AssCreed because Kat's brother was playing my copy of Brohood :) We also got a TON of leftovers from Kat's mom which was ridic but awesome.

Christmas was crazy and I spent the night after work sleeping because I was dead tired. Tabs went to a ...I guess cocktail party? haha, it was for people who didn't have families to spend the holiday with, and that were science minded I believe, so she had lots of fun having conversations and being intellectual there XD I, on the other hand, enjoyed sleeping.

New years was great! We spent the night over at Kat's place and watched all three episodes of Sherlock, which were fantastic. We also watched the Space Needle blow up as usual. The music sucked and the fireworks are never really long enough. Their 'space theme' was kinda crap. Kat and Tabs spent the second half of the display discussing Star Trek XD

Yesterday, being the first, we got up and drove up north to the Tsubaki Shrine for our first shrine visit of the year. Kat hadn't been there, so we were excited to take her. Last year there was snow, but this year it wasn't nearly as cold, thankfully. We went through the blessing and also got charms. I got a bracelet, the pink suisyo though it was really hard to choose. I dislike that it emphasizes on love in the description, but I got it for the creativity/artistic aspect :)

After the shrine visit we went shopping and I got sunglasses, which I desperately needed, and the guy who rang me up was very helpful. Tabs got boots and Kat mainly just watched lol ^^;

And I think that's it for now. Feel free to friend me on dw if you wish. I hope it will become more popular so I can read comms like omona and such on here and truly switch over :)

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